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For all the curious souls out there, let us tell you what nayejaisa.com truly is.

nayejaisa.com is your highly accessible and trustworthy store for refurbished products. Yes, you can find all those digital gadgets that you have been waiting to get your hands on without burning a big, money-less hole in your pocket!

Essentially, what we do is pick up all those barely-used digital products and find new homes for them. When those products, which are returned with minimal or no signs of tear, are procured by us- they undergo a thorough quality inspection by our trained professionals. Only then are they marked as renewed products and sold at a discounted price which saves around 20-50% of your money. (This money can then be used to get another set of gadgets! Of course!)

The products work as if they are new and can come in company-provided boxes or generic packaging. No fear when we are here because we have a 6-month warranty on all of our products. This ensures that those almost-new products serve all your varied needs.

Why choose us ?

nayejaisa.com is home to all those refurbished products that help save your money while ensuring you get all those features that a new product offers. By choosing us, you choose to save your money and the planet! With a simple click, you get those products that you have always wanted but at a price that makes your heart dance. As an added bonus, you get to buy more products and fulfill all your desires. And the great part is that this is done without compromising on the features and accessories of the new product!

As for the environmentalist in you, rest assured that you contribute to saving the planet by choosing to buy a refurbished product instead of a new product. How so? It is simple. When your cart has products that would otherwise be discarded as returned products, you reduce the number of gadgets that need to be created to serve the consumer demand. You conserve the energy that goes into the recycling and discarding of these perfectly good and usable products.

Moreover, nayejaisa.com is dedicated to providing you with the best open-boxed products at mind-blowingly low prices. In addition to that, we offer a reliable 6-month warranty which lends your mind some peace. All the products that we deliver are packaged with care and caution, either in the manufacturer’s box or a generic one but either way, the product that you welcome into your family is top-notch.

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